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Reading your monthly statement

Shortly after your merchant account is activated, you (the merchant) will receive a monthly statement from 3D Cart Merchant Services outlining rates and fees that will be posted to your bank account. Some of these fees are flat rates, others are charged on a per-item and/or percentage basis.
All 3D clients are assessed a statement fee, discount rate and transaction fees. We also charge a gateway fee through our Internet Account to merchants using our gateway system for selling products or services online. Following are details on the rates and fees listed on a 3D Cart Merchant Services monthly statement.
Click here for a full list and comparison of 3D Cart Merchant Services rates and fees.

Statement fee (monthly)
Discount rate (percentage per item)
Transaction fee (cents per item)
Gateway fee (monthly and per item)

Statement Fee
The statement fee is a flat rate charged by merchant services providers; 3D Cart Merchant Services’ statement fee is $10 a month. For comparison, statement fees for the merchant account industry average $10-$15 a month.

The monthly statement fee covers the costs of generating a statement and 24/7 customer service and support. 3D Cart Merchant Services provides all clients with both paper and web-based statements.

Discount Rate
The discount rate is calculated as a percentage of each transaction and covers a number of fees, dues and assessments, network charges and authorizations and settlement. 3D Cart Merchant Services charges a standard discount rate of 2.19 percent to all clients—far lower than the industry average of 2.33-2.49 percent.

The biggest chunk of the discount rate consists of the interchange fee set by credit card issuers and passed on to merchant service providers. As with the transaction fee, the interchange fee varies according to card type and circumstances of the transaction (see following).

Transaction Fee
Also called an authorization fee, the transaction fee is charged each time authorization is sought from the card-issuing bank for a proposed purchase. As with the discount rate, the transaction fee varies according to card type (credit or debit) and circumstances of the sale.

Credit card transactions are classified as qualified (or standard), mid-qualified or non-qualified. Mid-qualified and non-qualified transactions are also called “downgrades” because they do not meet all criteria for processing credit cards. Learn more about downgrades and transaction classifications. [LINK to Learn More > What are downgrades? page]

3D Merchant Services charges all clients 30 cents for each standard credit card transaction; the industry average for this category is 30-35 cents.

Gateway Transactions
In addition to the above fees applied to all clients, 3D Cart Merchant Services charges a gateway fee through our Internet Account to clients using our gateway system for selling products or services online. The fee covers maintenance and customer support related to the gateway, which hooks on to an online merchant’s website.

We charge a flat fee of $15.99 a month, far lower than the industry average of $17.99-$25.99 per month. What’s more, unlike other merchant services providers, we do not charge an additional transaction fee for online purchases.

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