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Setting up a Merchant AccountSetting up a Merchant Account

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Setting up a Merchant Account

What is a merchant account?
A merchant account is a contract extending a line of credit from an acquiring bank to a “merchant” (a business or other organization) that wants to accept credit and debit card payments. Essentially a merchant account enables an organization to accept credit and debit cards. Organizations can work directly with a merchant services provider, or payment processor, such as 3D Cart Merchant Services, to set up a merchant account. Click here for more details on merchant accounts.

How long does it take to obtain a merchant account with 3D Cart Merchant Services?
If everything is in order on your end, final approval and setup usually takes only 24 - 48 hours. We make the application process convenient for you, whether you’re setting up an account for a new business or switching providers.

How do I receive payment from credit card transactions? 
After you have set up a merchant account with 3D Cart Merchant Services, all funds are wire-transferred directly into your business checking account within approximately 48 hours.

Which credit cards will I be able to accept with a merchant account from  3D Cart Merchant Services? 
We can set you up to accept all major credit and debit cards—Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also can enable you to accept Diners Club cards and JCB International credit cards. Just tell your 3D consultant which cards you want to accept.

Can I accept international credit cards with a merchant account from 3D Cart Merchant Services?
Yes.  As noted, we will enable you to accept JCB International credit cards, as well as other cards issued outside the United States, if you wish.

What if my credit rating is not very good?  Can I still obtain a merchant account with 3D Cart Merchant Services?
In most cases, a less-than-perfect credit rating is not a problem; 3D Cart Merchant Services approves the vast majority of applications.

What if my business is relatively low-volume?  Can I still set up a merchant account with 3D Cart Merchant Services? 
Yes, you can. Just call one of our consultants for more information at (800) 838-9699.

What if I don’t live in the United States but want to set up a merchant account there?
To set up a merchant account in the United States, you must be a U.S. citizen (with a Social Security number), plus have a residence and bank account in the country.

What if I live outside the United States and want a merchant account in my country of residence. Can 3D Cart Merchant Services help me with that?  
Yes, we can set up a merchant account for you in many countries outside the United States. Call one of our consultants at (800) 838-9699 for more information.

What type of bank account will I need to set up a merchant account? 
3D Cart Merchant Services will deposit funds directly into your checking account—your personal account if you’re a sole proprietor or your business account if you’re registered in your state as other than a sole proprietor. All you have to do is send us a voided check so we can process your application. 

Can I use one merchant account to process credit cards for several different businesses?
No, you can’t.  Credit card companies require each business to have a merchant account, so—if you own more than one business—you'll need to set up a separate merchant account for each one.

Can I use a friend’s merchant account to accept credit cards at my business?
No, you can’t; this practice violates rules and regulations set by all credit card companies. Sharing another merchant account is called “factoring” and can occur by mistake if a business does not realize it needs to open another account. Deliberate factoring can hide illegal activities and qualifies as “money laundering”—a criminal offense. Call our consultants at (800) 838-9699 with your questions to avoid these pitfalls. 

Fees, Charges, Statements

How will my company name appear on my customers’ credit card bills?
Your “doing business as” name will appear on your customers’ credit card statements, along with the telephone number you provide. Up to 25 characters are available for printing on a customer’s bill.

Why does 3D Cart Merchant Services charge me for accepting credit cards?
We really don’t charge you for accepting credit cards; instead, we charge you for the payment processing services we provide. Credit card issuers charge for processing payments—rates that cover things like authorization, payment forwarding, and branding services. Like all other merchant service providers those rates are passed to you.  We also include the “interchange fee” set by credit card associations in our discount rate. Click here for more information on our rates.

What does the interchange fee cover?
The merchant services provider or acquiring bank pays the interchange fee to the cardholder’s bank to cover the cost of converting a charge on a cardholder's card to a cash deposit into the merchant’s checking account, as well as additional costs and profit.

Does 3D Cart Merchant Services charge setup fees for Internet transactions? 
We do not charge any setup or application fees for processing online credit card payments.

What are downgrades?
Downgrades include “mid-qualified” and “non-qualified” transactions, and are related to the interchange fee, described above. Simply stated, a downgrade occurs when a transaction does not meet necessary standards, resulting in a higher interchange rate. Click here for more information on downgrades and how to avoid them.

Does 3D Cart Merchant Services provide detailed reporting on credit card transactions?
Yes, we will mail you a monthly statement with detailed transaction information. Click here to see what to expect on your monthly statement
You also will be able to view transaction details through your gateway/virtual terminal, with information sorted daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Gateways, Virtual Terminals

What is a payment gateway?
If you’re selling products or services over the Internet, you’ll need a payment gateway to process credit card transactions. A gateway is a secure portal that connects to your shopping cart and transmits credit card information to the payment processor, such as 3D Cart Merchant Services, for authorization and settlement. Most payment gateways, including ours, also can be used as virtual terminals (see following).

What is a virtual terminal?
This is an Internet-based interface that allows a business or other organization to key in credit card information for phone or mail orders; 3D Cart Merchant Services’ payment gateway (see above) includes a virtual terminal, with extensive reporting and functionality to help manage your transactions.

Does 3D Cart Merchant Services’ gateway provide recurring billing?
Yes, a recurring billing service comes with our gateway at no extra charge.

Can I get help setting up my gateway?
After you are approved, 3D Cart Merchant tech staff will walk you through the easy setup process. We will also give you instructions on how to set up your new gateway if you choose to do it yourself.

Does 3D Cart Merchant Services provide tech support once my gateway and virtual terminal are up and running?
Yes, we provide tech support if you encounter problems. Call us at (800) 838-9699 during regular business hours to receive immediate assistance.


What is a chargeback?
A chargeback represents a reversal of a credit-card transaction for you, the merchant. Chargebacks usually occur when a customer disputes an item on their credit card bill with the card issuer, most often because the customer believes the charge is fraudulent. Sometimes consumer complaints are false, and their claims are denied. However, the merchant can still be charged processing fees for investigation of the dispute. That’s why it’s in your best interest to prevent even the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

Does the 3D Cart Merchant Services gateway offer fraud protection to help avoid chargebacks?
Yes, our gateway uses the Address Verification System (AVS), card code verification (CVV2, CVC2, CID), Internet Protocol (IP) frequency and negative database check verification for returned checks to limit your exposure to fraudulent transactions.

Do you offer long-term leases on equipment?
No, we do not offer equipment leases. Instead, we ask that you buy your own equipment because it’s more cost-effective for you over the long term. You also save more because we sell equipment at wholesale prices. Click here for more information on equipment offered by 3D Cart Merchant Services.

Can I integrate my financial software with an Internet Account from 3D Cart Merchant Services?
Yes, you can. Our payment gateway is compatible with QuickBooks to make managing your business easier.

What is PCI compliance?
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of criteria established in 2004 when major credit card companies aligned their previous individual policies on credit card security. The goal is to prevent fraud and other security threats related to payment processing.